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Bounce Boss enables people to collaborate intelligently so they can focus their energy on progress and be more successful.

The Bounce Boss Story

The idea for Bounce Boss was born in 2017 when co-founder, Tom Frampton, realized he was wasting precious time searching through audio files, emails, and texts.

Sending and receiving audio files every day was turning his downloads folder into a mess. Linking those files to the corresponding messages was also an extra effort. Keeping track of projects as they advanced from Master version 1 to version 5 was a nightmare.

He knew that having his audio files and messages in one place would minimize mistakes whilst saving him time and effort. It would also elevate the experience he could deliver to the people he collaborated with.

After a long search for the right person to bring this vision to life, Tom teamed up with co-founder Rich Hollis. Together they set out to create an intelligent file sharing and project management platform built specifically for people who send and receive audio files.

Bounce Boss was shaped by its future users from the start. People transferring audio across the internet were asked to rank which features they would find most useful in an audio file sharing platform. This allowed the Bounce Boss team to focus on things that would genuinely make a positive difference to people’s workflow.

Prior to Bounce Boss’ official release, it had already successfully facilitated major label projects... With the label executives finding it so useful they asked if they could invest in Bounce Boss.

Tom and Rich knew Bounce Boss was ready to start helping anyone and everyone involved in music collaboration.

Our Promise

Bounce Boss will help you:

  • Effortlessly organize the audio files you send and receive
  • Communicate in a clear and precise way
  • Minimize errors
  • Finish projects faster
  • Elevate the experience for yourself and those who collaborate with you

Bounce Boss will enable you to collaborate intelligently so you can focus your energy on progress and be more successful.

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